Player Interview – Grethcel Soltones

Grethcel Soltones

Grethcel Soltones, 23 y/o Outside Spiker for the PLDT Home Fibr Power Hitters

When did you start playing volleyball?
Since I was grade 3.

What inspired you to start playing volleyball?
Actually, yung tatay ko pushed me when I was really young and then after that nagtuloy-tuloy na until when I was in grade five, I was officially the libero of our team. And then after, naging outside hitter ako. And then quicker nung high school and then tuloy tuloy na hanggang college.

What is the most difficult part of being an outside spiker?
Especially pag yung bola hindi maayos yung receive so 90% yung set ng setter will go to the outside hitter. And then depensa, lahat kailangan mong trabahuhin. Well, lahat naman mahirap yung position, depende na lang kung pano mo tanggapin yung responsibilidad.

What is your favorite thing about being an outside spiker?
Favorite thing? When you play, parang nakakalimutan mo lahat yung problems mo and nag e-enjoy talaga ako when I play volleyball since I was so little.

Who is your volleyball idol?
I think she’s a legendary na, Jeng Bualee, she’s from Thailand, ilang years syang naging import samin and then ayun na, tuloy tuloy na hanggang sa tumanda sya, nag stop sya dito.

What is your best advice for new volleyball players?
Keep striving hard and also pray and be thankful and keep your feet on the ground.

What is the difference between the college level and pro/semipro level in volleyball?
Well, college is like you learn things, like a lot. Well, here in pro league naman, you’ll learn a lot din pero kasi iba yung kasama mo yung when you’re in college, like lahat kayo pantay pantay and maturity level is not that really high pa. But in pro league kasi your age, there’s really a big gap and your teammates are older than you and they can teach you things also.

How was your experience playing for the National Team?
It was a great experience because your blocker is taller than you and then to play against them, hindi mo sila kilala maglaro so talagang kailangan mo i-push your limit.

Where is your favorite place to relax?
I like to rest at the beach with my babies and loved ones. Babies, I’m talking about dogs! Haha!

What is your favorite food?
Sea foods, I like sea foods and spicy foods.

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