Player Interview – Grethcel Soltones

Grethcel Soltones

Grethcel Soltones, 23 y/o Outside Spiker for the PLDT Home Fibr Power Hitters When did you start playing volleyball?Since I was grade 3. What inspired you to start playing volleyball?Actually, yung tatay ko pushed me when I was really young and then after that nagtuloy-tuloy na until when I was in grade five, I was officially the libero of our team. And then after, naging outside hitter ako. And then quicker nung high school and then tuloy tuloy na hanggang college. What is the most difficult part of being an…

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Player Interview – Ces Molina

Frances Molina

Ces Molina, 24 y/o Outside Spiker for the Petron Blaze Spikers When did you start playing volleyball?I started playing volleyball when I was in 4th year highschool but it was not meant because I am a track and field player before, so I started from scratch and zero knowledge in volleyball and I just go to college and train for San Beda college in Mendiola, Manila, they said you can play for San Beda and it was free tuition fee so I grabbed it and I played for them and…

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