Making the Case for Women’s Sports Part 6: Personal Note “It’s Just a Game”

Sports are games, but it would be foolish to think that the effect of participating in sports is limited to the playing courts. When I see people playing sports I don’t just see people having fun and enjoying their pastime. I see people proactively improving their physical and emotional health. I see people building up resistances against problems such as diabetes and heart disease that could potentially bring them harm them in the future. I see people learning and honing skills that can help them in their personal lives and in their careers. I see people going through the cycles of success and failure, and building their capacity to be diligent and ability to exert more effort by setting their minds on improving themselves. Sports are just games. Games that can bring a lot of value into our lives.

Much in this article series directly applies to men, particularly the health benefits. But boys and men already participate in sports at much higher rates than women, and are less likely to need encouragement to be physically active. I’ve lost women in my life to diabetes and heart disease. Something that these women had in common was that they lived very sedentary lives, they were often physically inactive, with little or no exercise. I hate to lose any more people too soon, when there are active steps available that we know will improve the overall health of our communities.

I believe that encouraging girls and women to play sports more often and supporting them at all levels, as children, as students, adults as amateurs, and professionally, is an important step that we should take. The Philippines is currently on progress to become one of the top 10 countries for number of cases of diabetes. I believe this growing health problem can be partially curbed by one simple step. Encouraging everyone to play more sports.

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