Culture: Mall of Asia

Malls are extremely popular in the Philippines, and the trend in the Philippines is to get as many shops into one building to have all your needs in one place, in contrast to American malls where the shops are often spread out across many streets and many parking lots.

Mall of Asia, commonly referred to by its abbreviation MOA, is located in Pasay, Metro Manila. MOA is currently the 4th largest mall in the Philippines, and 11th largest mall in the world, and contains over 1,000 shops. Over 200,000 people frequent MOA every day.

Mall of Asia Walkway

The mall is undergoing an expansion, that will see it become the largest mall in the Philippines in 2017, and will include a museum.

MOA hosts a large number of events. Professional and collegiate basketball, music performances at the Mall of Asia Arena. A variety of cultural events inside the mall itself. And outdoor events at SM Seaside, such as beach volleyball at the SM Sands by the Bay.

AdU vs UE - Sands SM by the Bay

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